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Rainforest Boxes

Rainforest Box – £10.00

Sprout ball, Selection of Salads, Dressing of your choice

Rainbow Box – £10.00

Spinach Flan, Lentil Sprouts, Tropical Coleslaw, Tomato Dressing

Carribean Box – £10.00

Caribbean Flan, Angel Kale, Tomato, Chow Coleslaw, Hot Dressing

Lentil Burger Box – £10.00

Lentil Burger, Angel Kale, Chickpeas, and Tropical Slaw, Dressing of your choice

Roti Wraps – Made with Cornmeal, Lentils, & traditional Wholewheat Flour

Rainforest Roti – £9.00

Sprout Ball, Selection of Salads, Dressing of your choice

Caribbean Roti – £9.00

Caribbean Sunrise, Plantain, Angel Greens, Avocado, Hot Dressing

Creole Roti – £9.00

Angel Greens, Double Coleslaws, Tomato Dressing

Lentil Burger Roti – £9.00

Burger, Greens, Coleslaw, Dressing

All Roti Wraps served with Rainforest Hummus

Desserts & Drinks

Rainforest Cakes – £5.00

Mango & Banana

Chocolate & Berry

Rainforest Sweets – £1.50

Pumpkin & Coconut

Carob & Ginger

Beetroot & Fennel

Omega Hemp

Rainforest Dricks

Jelly Coconut – £7.00
Ginger – £5.00
Caribbean Sorrel – £5.00

We use non- plastic food packaging. It’s all compostable. Customers are welcome to bring their own Tupperware or similar containers and their own bags if possible.

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