About Us

Ingo and Khi are the creative founders of Rainforest Creations. A partnership brought together for their passion for all things great, inspiring and innovative. With food being their first love and their vast wealth of knowledge in that area, a classic partnership was for sure in the making.

They set about focusing on the increased tendency of people to seek out top quality organic food and nutritional supplements to fit in with their increased pressurized lifestyle. Today, people’s bodies require a greater intake of nutrients to cope with the speed of their daily lives.

“Healthy food and products have been on the increase worldwide. We appeal to the speciality food customer as well as the person buying living foods for the very first time! All the foods we prepare are an abundant source of the vital minerals and essential elements required to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

We promote the health of the Rainforests of the world as much through the consumption of its products. The rainforest is a vast territory of healthy resources for human consumption. Rainforest Creations is all about enriching the land and through organic agriculture, it can be enhanced and nourished.”

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